Prevention of manipulation of competition

The manipulation of competition undermines the integrity and spirit of sport; protecting sport integrity is a key priority for SportAccord.

SportAccord is firmly committed to fighting all form of cheating and believes that education is of one of the most efficient measures to combat match-fixing. SportAccord encourages all athletes and their support persons to make the best use of the resources developed by the IOC and its Olympic Movement Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions. You can find more about the IOC initiatives clicking here

The IOC has also implemented the OM Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competition.

SportAccord has developped specific rules, which are compliant with the IOC rules, and are applicable for the SportAccord Multi-Sport Games. You can download the SportAccord rules here

SportAccord will continue to cooperate with the IOC and its dedicated Unit and more broadly with all the actors of the Olympic Movement stakeholders in order to educate athletes and prevent and combat cases of manipulation of competition.