Skill, Discipline, Passion on Full Display at World Combat Games

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Day seven of the action-packed Riyadh 2023 World Combat Games proved once again why it’s hailed as the pinnacle of elite combat and martial sports globally.

Fans witnessed a stunning display of skill, discipline, and passion as athletes competed in Fencing, Ju-Jitsu, Kickboxing and Wrestling.

The second day of Fencing saw four events within its Épée team and individual Foil categories. Wrestling saw competition begin in its Belt Wrestling discipline, with ten sets of medals awarded. Ju-Jitsu concluded its final day of events, with five sets of medals awarded in its Mixed Duo and Para Ne-Waza divisions.

Para Ju-Jitsu also featured prominently, further elevating the occasion and underlining the event’s commitment to inclusivity. In a gesture to ensure that every athlete, regardless of their discipline, receives due recognition, all medals secured by para athletes are tallied towards the final medal count of their home country. This decision ensures parity and celebrates the spirit of unity on the global stage.

Ukraine stands atop the medals table with 16 golds, followed by Uzbekistan with eight. Saudi Arabia sits in third with seven.

In the women’s Foil individual, Israa Al Siyabi of Oman took the gold. In the women’s Épée team, UAE were crowned champions, holding off hosts Saudi Arabia in the final 45-40. The bronze medals were awarded to Bahrain and Qatar.

In the Men’s Épée team event, Saudi Arabia clinched the gold medal, defeating the UAE 23-16. In the Men’s Foil individual, Faris Alblooshi from the UAE defeated Abdulkarim Saad from Brunei 15-12 in the duel for gold.


The gold medallists of the women’s Belt Wrestling Alysh Style included 55kg winner Elzada Momunzhanova of Kyrgyzstan and 65kg victor Maftunbonu Mahmudova of Uzbekistan.

In the Belt-Wrestling Qazak Style, Begai Beishenaaly Kyzy of Kyrgyzstan bagged gold in the 60kg, while Roza Nyssantaikyz of Kazakhstan secured the 70 kg win.

In the men’s Belt-Wrestling Alysh Style, Marlen Abdurasulov of Kyrgyzstan took gold in the 70kg, while Uzbekistan’s Khusan Abdukhakimov won the 80kg division. Azizkhan Musabek Uulu of Kyrgyzstan was crowned World Combat Games champion in the 90kg.

Gold in the 65kg men’s Belt Wrestling Qazak Style was awarded to Manucher Shirinov of Uzbekistan. The 75kg victor was Zhumazhan Kozhambekov of Kazakhstan, while first in the 85kg division was claimed by Madi Amangeldi of Kazakhstan.


The spotlight shone on the Ju-Jitsu’s Mixed Duo finals and its Para Ne-Waza divisions today. Embodying tradition, technique, and unparalleled tenacity, athletes from around the globe took to the mat, exemplifying the enduring spirit of this ancient discipline and the limitless potential of determination.

Thailand claimed gold in the Ju-Jitsu Mixed Duo event, with Stephanie Alexandra Biscan of Germany taking top honours in the female -60kg Para Ne-Waza (Absolute) competition. In the men’s -73kg Para Ne-Waza (Brain Deficient), Bat Bot Erdenbaatar reigned supreme with a final score of 18-0, while Brazil’s Mario Silva secured the -85 kg Para Ne-Waza (Handicapped) win. The -84kg Para Ne-Waza (Sensory Impaired) gold medallist was Mark David Trompp of Australia.

The second day of Kickboxing’s three-day event saw athletes showcase their skills in qualifying rounds for Low Kick and Point Fighting. In Low Kick, competitors aim for powerful strikes to their opponent’s legs, while Point Fighting focuses on quick, controlled hits to score points. The semifinals get under way today.

Also on the calendar today are Armwrestling in KSU 3, Fencing in KSU 4, and Kickboxing in KSU 2.

About the World Combat Games:
The World Combat Games are an international multi-sport event featuring the best athletes in combat sports and martial arts. They were established to celebrate the athletes and values of these sports in one place, and to expose them to an international audience. The World Combat Games concept aims for a compact and manageable event that offers cities an opportunity for focused international promotion, engagement with local communities (in particular young people), and the advancement of public health and wellness agendas through inspiring initiatives encouraging participation in combat sports.

In total, over 1,500 athletes from 120+ countries are competing in 16 martial arts and combat sports at Riyadh 2023.

Interested in watching the World Combat Games? Check out the full list of broadcasters in 100+ countries and territories here. The competition is also being live-streamed on the Riyadh 2023 World Combat Games’ official website.